Sunday, 9 March 2014

Hello beautiful people and fabric lovers! Hope you had a terrific weekend! Watch this space cos new fabrics are in store for you!


  1. Do you make deliveries to abuja/suleja ...really interested o. Also if you do, how long after I order and what's the process like?

  2. Yes we do, procedure's explained in the 'how to order' page, but I'll paste it for you.

    Send an email to with your name and location specifying what fabric you want by stating the product number. The email subject should read 'Fabric Order' A reply would then be sent to you, informing you on its availability, as well as account details and then you make the payment. It is only after payment has been confirmed that the products are purchased and you receive the products. Note that products are sold on a 'first come first serve basis'.
    An invoice of your purchase would be delivered along with your fabric(s).
    Delivery costs would be included in each order but for orders above 5000 naira, delivery would be free. Delivery is only available within Nigeria at the moment and would be determined after your exact location is provided.
    Thanks for your patronage and feel free to send an email suggesting ways we can serve you better!

    TSN Fabrics.